Creative Kids: Marine Rainbow: Jellyfish

Red, Orange, Yellow Collage

My favourite colour is up next: yellow!  My kids LOVE jellyfish so they really enjoyed this addition.  It was a very simple craft so it came together very quickly.

While the paint dried on the paper plates, I drew lines on some paper so they could cut strips (more fine motor practice-always good:).  We made yellow, pink, and purple “tenticles” just to liven things up.

Jellyfish collage

Then we folded the plate in half and the kids glued strips onto one side.  It is so typical of their natures that C’s are all lined up evenly and Q’s are sporadic (yes, age is also a factor but personality is clearly evident too!).  Then we glued the halves shut (again stapling to help them stay together).  Lastly, we added googly eyes because everything we create needs them apparently…

Here’s a flashback of one of my favourite pictures.  C’s jellyfish fascination from 2013-look how small my little man looks!

C and the Jellies



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