Creative Kids: Marine Rainbow: Whales


It’s been a crazy last week as we have moved out of our house (move in isn’t for another two weeks so it’s still going to be a crazy time for a while:)  However, we did finish our marine rainbow – I just haven’t had the time to post it so here it is.

For blue, we made some whales.  It was a very simple craft so it didn’t take long at all.

We painted three plates blue this time as we needed something to make the tail from.  We could have just used blue scrapbook paper but I decided to keep with the paper plate theme.  Once dried I cut out a side fin (really should have made a dorsal fin too but I didn’t:) and two pieces to make up the tail from the third plate.

Whale 2

The kids glued the two tail pieces together and then glued that into the folded plate.  Then we glued cut in half pipe cleaners to the top.  We used a lot of glue to make sure they would stay put.  White glue takes FOREVER to dry so I’d recommend a glue gun to retain sanity and patience.  Staples were a definite must to help keep it together as well.

Last step was gluing on the side fin and, you guessed it, the googly eyes.

I love trying to add some texture into whatever we are making so I was pretty stoked when I thought up using pipe cleaners for the spray.  Bonus: the kids thought it was pretty fun too and enjoyed bending them around to make their spray “perfect”.


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