Creative Life Project: March’s Progress

Watercolour flowers

March: Mindful Creativity

My focus for the month of March was Mindfulness.  In all truthfulness, some of the goals I enjoyed doing.  Others were a bit of a chore and didn’t get any easier:)

Monthly goals:
Remember birthdays. -Check
Read The Power of Now. -Still struggled with this book.  I can’t really put my finger on why but I just couldn’t connect with the message.
Add the word meditation to anything that is trying my patience.  –While the idea of this still made me laugh, I didn’t find it helped me be more patient!

Daily/weekly goals:
Do one creative thing daily. -Considering we moved this month, I was actually really good about keeping this goal.  It wasn’t 100% but it was definitely over 80.
Keep a one sentence journal and affirmation book.  -I kept up with this pretty well also.  There was always news to record as it was an eventful month!
Go to bed at a reasonable hour.  -Dismal fail:(
Exercise three times per week doing exercises I enjoy.  -Was good about this until the last week of March.
Take an on-line drawing course and draw three times a week. -Check!
Listen to classical music or musical soundtracks three times a week. -Check!
Meditate three times a week. -Check!  However, even with repetition, it didn’t get any easier.  One thing I did find though was if I did the meditation before bed when I was stressed, it did help bring the racing of my mind down a notch.
Listen to my self-hypnotic suggestions daily. -Check!  Mind you, I didn’t find it helped with anything too much.

All in all, March was a successful month in terms of keeping goals.  That being said, it really made me realize my limits in terms of mindfulness.  I like the idea of it more than I can actually do it or enjoy it.  Oh well, win some, you lose some:)

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