Creative Kids: Marine Rainbow: Seahorses

Marine Rainbow full

I realized I hadn’t taken photos of our last Marine Rainbow addition just as I was about to pack them up…so needless to say, they aren’t the best pictures but I got them for the record at least:)

I ran out of plates (ah, joys of moving) by the time we got to our purple instalment so one is a plate and one is just a circle of cardboard.  The circle of cardboard seems so flat without the plate ridges.  That flatness really made a point to me about the importance of texture  to a finished product.

Seahorse collage II


After the paint the kids put on the plates dried, my first step was drawing out the pieces we’d need on the underside of the plate.  We needed a head, a body, a tail, and a fin.  Once cut out, I showed the kids how the body pieces would line up so that when it came time to glue they’d get what they were putting together.

Seahorse collage I

Once the body was glued together, we put on sequins and googly eyes.  Our Marine Rainbow was done!  I carefully packed up all our sea creatures to transfer them here…now just to find the box…

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