Poet of the Week: Lorna Crozier

Wasp pic

“Stars are wasps dipped in silver./They chew holes in the darkness/to build their paper nests.” Lorna Crozier Apocrypha of Light p. 14

One really big reason I am drawn to poetry (and this is often especially true for the poets I most enjoy reading) is because I am a word geek.  There, I’ve confessed it.  I love learning new words and seeing how words add to the complexity of a poem under its surface.

My poet this week, Lorna Crozier, is a great example of a poet who indulges this interest.  For example, between pages 3 and 5 alone of her book Apocrypha of Light are these three words: apocrypha, beatitude, and withers.  Of course, I had to look them all up.

apocrypha: biblical or related writings not forming part of the accepted canon of Scripture; writings or reports not considered genuine.

beatitude: a state of utmost bliss; any of the declarations made in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:3–11) beginning in the Authorized Version “Blessed are”.

withers: the ridge between the shoulder blades of an animal, typically a quadruped.

Huh, who knew.

Another reason is I am drawn to poetry is because poetry fuels my imagination.  Where else can you find sentences referring to snow “going from nowhere to nowhere light-footed on the smallest, coldest stars” (11) and to gophers and how they hear “what rain says underground” (13).  The quote below the wasp drawing inspired the sketch.  I really wanted to make the wasps silver but I haven’t found the box with my silver sharpe yet.

So basically, poetry allows me to seem cultured while all the while really just indulging my delight in flights of fancy.

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