Creative Life Project: April’s Progress



April was a month to be creative with words and create poetry.  Considering we lived in a temporary home out of suitcases for two weeks and moved this month, I think I kept up with my goals relatively well.  In considering how I kept up with specific goals this month, some were more successfully kept than others…

Monthly goals:
Remember birthdays. Check!
Organize my previously written poetry. While I started on this, I didn’t come close to finishing it.  Rolling this one forward:)
Daily/weekly goals:
Do one creative thing daily. Check for most days!
Keep a one sentence journal and affirmation book. Check for about every second day.  I’m starting to find this not as useful as it was.  Thinking about dropping this goal.
Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Yup, dismal fail once again.  I did manage to go to bed before 11 more times than in previous months.  Progress…?
Exercise three times per week doing exercises I enjoy. Check!
Write a poem daily. Check for 86% of the month.
Focus on a poet a week. Read poetry books by a different poet each week.
3/4 check.  I got to Lorna Crozier, Shane Koyczan, and Michael Ondaatje (though I checked out many more books:)


All in all it feels like a successfully creative month.  My main overarching goal is to live a creative life and to make space to be creative even in the midst of life’s busy chaos and fatigue.  I definitely feel I’ve kept that goal most days – even if only for 10 minutes.  And more than that, it’s given me much satisfaction.

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