Creative Life Project: May

May Title

Originally the plan for this month was collaging and painting and though I am craving to get my hands dirty with medium and paint, I’m still unpacking all my art supplies so I decided to switch May and June’s creative plans.

Therefore, now the plan for the month of May is to really get into a picture book (PB) frame of mind. As I am part of a PB critique group, every month I work on PBs though the work isn’t technically on my goal list (it includes monthly critiquing of others’ stories and submission of my own story 4 times a year). This month, however, I am going to immerse myself in PBs and give them primary focus.

Monthly goals:
Remember birthdays.

Daily/weekly goals:
Do one creative thing daily. Minimum of 15 minutes drawing, writing, experimenting.
Keep a one sentence journal and affirmation book. This may be the last month for this goal.  We’ll see if it does anything for me in May.
Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Try, try, try again:)
Exercise three times per week doing exercises I enjoy.
Write one shitty PB draft per week. Pick a story starter off my idea list (Thanks PiBoIdMo) and write it in an hour or two sitting. Write wildly without stopping to edit, question, or think.  Write past the inner critic!
Revise a previous story a week. Change and enhance my stories. Be bold. Consider:
-Cutting out passages where possible, changing the point of view, how to strengthen character development.
-Including repetition of sounds (ex: can in candy and candle), consonance repetition (ex: funny, sandwich, dance), onomatopoeia (ex: bang, zap, roar), assonance (ex: truck, mud, slug), alliteration (ex: terrible twos, smug smiles) [I really hope I got all those right.]
-Looking at the opening and first 50 words. Is there a good hook?
-Tweaking verbs, especially trying to increase number of action verbs.
Read 3 PBs from the library a week. Critique the books. Consider:
-The first line. What works about it being a first line?
-The first 50 words-does it hook you in? What sense of the story do you already have? Does it introduce to main character, conflict, and book’s tone?
-If used, how the author includes repetition of sounds (ex: can in candy and candle), consonance repetition (ex: funny, sandwich, dance), and/or onomatopoeia (ex: bang, zap, roar)? If used, how the author includes assonance (ex: truck, mud, slug) and/or alliteration (ex: terrible twos, smug smiles)?
-How the author uses suspense to create anticipation for page turns?
-How many pages intro the story/build the story problem/used for the ending?
-Which strong action verbs (ex: peeked, gasped) are used.
-Does it use Rule of 3s: have three lines that follow a basic pattern or two lines that follow a basic pattern and then one that breaks it?
-Is there some contrast (ex: main character has small name but big voice/opinions)?
-Does the character remain true to his/her personality?
-If there is humour involved, how does the author incorporates this humour?
-How does the author give a sense of energy to the story?
-Is the problem one that everyone can relate to?
-If it is a fun read aloud, how does the author makes it so?

Now I’m off to the library to get me some picture books:)


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