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This month has been a bit waylaid as my middle daughter ended up getting a minor surgery.  The surgery went well but the pain management post-op was tricky and took a lot of parent time.  Fatigue has been running very high but happily things are getting better in our house.  This improvement is allowing me to get back to at least a bit of time for creative pursuits.

So instead of critiquing 3 books a week.  I have critiqued 3 books so far this month.  The books I started off critiquing were all ones recommended by the librarian.  Here are some kid faves, according to her:

The Incredible Book Eating Boy Written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

Bear Snores On Written by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Jane Chapman

Oh No, George!  Written and illustrated by Chris Haughton

They were very different books and it was interesting to examine three various styles.  The Incredible Book Eating Boy was my favourite and a lot of what I enjoyed most about it were the illustrations.  I tried making my own title page (I just randomly picked a title and subject) based on Oliver Jeffers’ style and colour palette.  It was a fun exercise.

If I was giving an award for the most creative verb use out of these three it would have gone to The Bear Snores On.  My favourite was Karma Wilson’s use of “pitter-pat, tip-toe, creep-crawls” to tell us that the character moved across the den.  But she also used descriptive verbs such as scuttles, divvy, nibble, munch, and flutter.  It was a lively read.

Lastly, the one my kids most enjoyed being read aloud to them was Oh No, George (though The Bear Snores On was a close second).  What kid doesn’t love a character who keeps getting into trouble and then they can join in the repeating refrain of “Oh no, George!”

Now I’ll just see if this month allows me time to get to any other critiques…

Book Eating Boy

Some pictures of the illustrations in The Incredible Book Eating Boy

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