Creative Life Project: June

June title pic

My recently unpacked art caddy:)

I am so excited this month to get my hands dirty while experimenting with styles. The painters I am choosing to study over this month have works that touch something in my heart. There are many, however, that could fall into this category – maybe another year I’ll study some others.

Monthly goals:
Remember birthdays.
Write in one sentence journal and affirmation book when moved to do so.

Daily/weekly goals:
Do one creative thing daily. Minimum of 15 minutes drawing, writing, experimenting.

Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Lol.

Exercise three times per week doing exercises I enjoy.

Research an artist a week. Explore art books/internet sites that focus on a specific artist. The artist each week will coincide with the art journal focus.
Week 1: Marc Chagall.
Week 2: Pablo Picasso.
Week 3: Andy Warhol.
Week 4: Gustav Klimt.

Make weekly 2 part art journal entries.
Week 1: Collage a scene of some things you love. Then draw/paint Chagall style (meaning gravity and upright orientation and scale are all optional – colour is mandatory).
Week 2: Find a photo or magazine picture of a person or animal. Cut it up and re-organize the parts Picasso style or find shapes in the form to emphasis. Draw/paint/pastel that version.
Week 3: Take four blown up pictures of the same face or item and play with colour in them Warhol Pop Art style.
Week 4: Embrace Klimt’s love of circle-like flowers, rectangles, cubes, and strips of bright coloured and gold paper into your own mixed media collage with photographs. Then make a drawing/painting of that creation.

Ooo, it’s going to be fun…I appropriated a tall cabinet as my art caddy and literally just finished unpacking my art supplies yesterday.  How I have missed you, my dear paints and mixed media supplies!

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2 Responses to Creative Life Project: June

  1. Arwyn says:

    Well, week 1 will definitely need a field trip to see my Chagal lithograph!

  2. salmadinani says:

    What a great list of goals! Sleeping early is one of mine too and I have the same reaction 🙂 Good luck!

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