Artist of the Week: Picasso

Title Pic

Alive from 1881 to 1973, Picasso’s life, like Chagall’s, spanned such an interesting time period.  He was Spanish but lived mostly in France.  He was co-founder of the cubist movement and is also credited with getting collage recognized as an art form.

Three things I found especially cool about Picasso were 1) he explored a vast variety of mediums, styles, and materials in his artistic expression, 2) his father was also a painter, and 3) he was extremely prolific (wikipedia claims he made 50, 000 pieces of art over his life span).

I wasn’t impressed by reports that Picasso was a bit of womanizer and not the best father either.  I prefer to admire the work and the man together so I was disappointed on these fronts.

Of all of Picasso’s periods (Blue: 1901-1904; Rose 1904-1906; African influenced: 1907-1909; Cubism: 1909-1919), I like his cubist period best.  I’d love to know more about how he “saw” what he portrayed in his works.  Some pieces I can see how he got from A to B.  However, in others the leaps are more difficult to follow.  To be able to look through his eyes for a moment…

I really enjoyed making my Picasso inspired piece this week.

Process Phase 1

It was a bit of an artistic adventure to take a bad picture of me (taken by my 5 year old), draw on lines to emphasis shapes, and then play with colours to make it interesting.


Process Phase 2I drew it out and played with colours some more, finally ending up with something very different than where I started.  The face isn’t altered as much as I’d like but I’ll take it where it ended up.



For those who may want to play with Picasso’s style themselves without getting their hands dirty, I found a couple of apps that use Picasso as inspiration: Pikazo and Picassohead.  They have a small fee but worth checking out for a little fun.

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One Response to Artist of the Week: Picasso

  1. Arwyn says:

    It’s gorgeous. I love it!

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