Creative Kids: Birthday Cards II

Spin Art Title

As I mentioned in the first Birthday Cards post, my kids love to work with paint.  Previously we’ve done spin art in the salad spinner and it was super fun so I decided we’d try to make cards that way.  It worked pretty well.

Spin Art I

I folded scrapbook paper into a card and cut it to fit into the bottom of the spinner.  I taped it down too just to make sure it wouldn’t move.  Then just like our previous spin art activity, the kids chose colours to drip into the centre of the paper, spun, and added sparkles as a final touch.

Spin Art II

We also tried it with gift tags.  It worked okay but needed a lot of tape so they wouldn’t fly away.  The bigger cards were better.

I liked making cards with the spin art because it put the beautiful results to a great use – and it was fun:)

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