Art Journal 1: Going in Circles

Title pic

For this week’s art journal, I took an old painting of mine that had elements I really liked but that didn’t work for me as a final product.  Looking at it, I made a new composition using circles (ok, and ovals.  But ovals are just stretched circles if you think about it…)


Layout is always tricky so I cut out shapes and played around with how I positioned them to decide on composition.


Next I used pastel over the chosen composition to get a feel for colours – another tricky aspect.  Using those colours I laid down tissue paper as my colour base (ignore the painting underneath that can still be seen through.  I didn’t like it either:).

Colour layout

Once the base was laid down, it was time to play with acrylics and build up texture.  I used my fingers a lot to try for soft divisions between colours and shapes.  I was going for a dream-like quality.

Work in progress

Last I used my white sharpe to add some dot and swirl detailing that you can barely notice but that I enjoy adding in.  It’s the little pleasures:)


I think the inspiration of circles improved the final product and it definitely gave me some much needed practice on faces.  So tricky!

Already working on Week 2’s piece: abstract with bold colours.  I’m only at the planning/playing stage and already I’m feeling a bit intimidated.  Bold colours are great but to make them work together, that can be a whole other endeavour.  And as for abstract, it’s a struggle for me to let go.  But my mantra this month is to embrace failure so I’m going to jump in and see where the journey takes me without worrying about final product…or at least try to…



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3 Responses to Art Journal 1: Going in Circles

  1. Arwyn says:

    I really like the colours on the second one, and generally prefer it overall. Beautiful.

  2. Cath says:

    I love the serene expression on her face! A lovely dream.

  3. ailene says:

    Nice work, Ren. I love the trees and the train tracks. You inspire me!

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