Art Journal 2: Abstractly Bold

Title pic

This week’s task was to abstract an image and use bold colours.  Abstract is a real struggle for me.  I get caught in the details and have trouble just playing up base structures.


To create this piece, I started off printing a picture and making Sharpe lines on it while also brainstorming associated images.  From those doodled lines and images,  I cut out shapes which I then played with to get a layout.  My first layouts were very detailed heavy.  I tried scaling it back until I came up with a layout I liked.

I like working from underlying colours.  They can create more depth in the final piece (though, with me, they often end up entirely covered over:).  Originally I thought I might leave the under colour as the tree colour but it was too jumbled for me.  I blocked in the main areas of the landscape with colour next.  For some reason I was really drawn to a Teal arrow sign so I based a lot of my other chosen colours off that sign choice.

Base painting

I tried to leave some of the colour in the trees and yet blend them to fit in with the mood of the rest of the piece.  I put a clock on the moon to keep with the train/ train station theme I was attempting to portray.  Lastly I took a risk and tried scraping white across the work.  I still might go back and do more of that.  What I did so far was with a pallet knife and resulted in fairly thin streaks.  If I add more, I’ll try using an old credit card for broader effect.

Finishing details

I still have quite a ways to go in my abstract attempts but I’m happy with the jumps I did take this round.

Pic to painting

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