Art Journal 3: Poetically Inspired

Title pic

This week I took inspiration from a poem.  I chose anyone lived in a pretty how town by e.e. cummings.  I blared some classical music, read the poem over and over, and drew images as they came to me.

Poem Inspiration

As Attempt 1 was too detailed, I tried breaking it down into shapes.  Attempt 3 seemed to work best for me so that is the one I decided to go with.

3 attempts

I played with colour on a printed black and white copy.  I found the colours in that attempt too garish so I tried toning them down in the next run.  Colour can be so frustrating!  Still none of the colours seemed to resonate with me in how I wanted the piece to look. Currently, it suggests a mix of Dr. Seuss and a Christmas card to me.


I think this piece would have been easier in acrylics because then I could have blended the edges of the bells to be more abstract and I could have played more with blending greys and beiges.   I think those colours would suggest stone buildings abstractly (as that’s how I imagined the town in this poem).

All that being said, and even with the result not being what I imagined in my head, as per usual, I enjoyed the process.


We’ll see if I get to Art Journal 4, as we have a crazy busy week ahead.  We’ll see what I get up to!


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2 Responses to Art Journal 3: Poetically Inspired

  1. Catherine Hay says:

    I love ee cummings and I love how you saw.that poem. See if you can find ” a leaf falls” and see.what you see in there!

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