The Creative Life Project: July’s Progress

July Title

We were off the grid camping for the first week of August so I took a break from posting on the blog but I’m back!  Above was the view from our campsite of Mount Robson.  It was a gruelling 10 hour drive each way (think screaming, fighting kids CONSTANTLY) but it was super fun once we were there.

So to belatedly reflect on my creative endeavours from July…

I often go safe and try to create pretty things over challenging myself and taking artistic risks. Yet I’ve read many artists who have said that to get to the good stuff, you need to go through the bad stuff. So this month I am going to go ugly and abstract so I am not concerned with trying to create something specific. It will be the visual arts version of write shitty drafts except this time it will be create shitty pieces of art.

Monthly goals:
Remember birthdays. Check!

Daily/weekly goals:
Do one creative thing daily. Check!
Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Yah, do I even really need to go there…dismal fail:)
Exercise three times per week doing exercises I enjoy. Check!
Create at least one art journal picture a week. Check!  And sooo fun!  I loved my projects this month:

Title pic

Week 1’s Circle Abstract


Title pic

Week 2’s Bold Abstract

Title pic

Week 3’s Poetic Abstract


R2D2 Title

Week 4: Not so much Picasso-style.  Had fun in a different direction and there’ll be a detailed post later this week on the journey.

All in all, July was one of my favourite months to date creatively.  I am loving this Creative Life Project I set up for myself.  Hopefully I can manage to keep it up once mat leave ends next month.  But for now I am in denial and writing up a storm with my August goals:)

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One Response to The Creative Life Project: July’s Progress

  1. Susan says:

    Love the story and your art!! Hmm, why is it I do not have even one piece…….. Camping with three little ones – brave OR crazy?

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