July’s Week 4 Art Journal

R2D2 Title

As C is now 5, my little man has matured his interests:)  He is now ALL about Star Wars.  As we begin to think about what to hang on our walls (yes, we’ve lived here 5 months and not hung anything!), it dawned on me that he has outgrown his old paintings.

2013 August 3 006

C’s paintings from when he was a baby

It is time for something new.  I decided to make Star Wars the theme – obviously!  This painting of R2D2 is the first of what I think will be a three or four panel series featuring different Star Wars characters.

Once I had the idea that I wanted to do R2D2 I began brainstorming in my sketch book.  I wanted more of a close up view than his whole form.  I also brainstormed things that I associate with R2D2: colours, shapes, words, quotes.  Then it was time to see what would come out on canvas.

R2D2 Brainstorming

I started off painting over a canvas that I started on but never developed.  Then I added some papers for texturing.  From there I laid molding paste over a gears stencil that I recently indulged in.  It caught my fancy and then when I started working on R2D2, I felt it would be a good fit.   Plus it’s so fun.  I LOVE stencil play.

R2D2 Start

From there it was time to block in R2D2 and the background colour.

R2D2 Building It Up

Taking my time, I built up the colour layers over several days.  I really wanted to give some shadows/colour to the gears yet not make them over dominating.

R2D2 Adding Grunge

Then it was time to add the mini-details (which I love).  I wrote words in ink and brushed on some orange to make the blue pop.

R2D2 Details

It’s so fun to see how it started on paper and where it ended up on canvas.  This was a super enjoyable project and I’m pretty pleased with the end product.  I am excited to see how the next one in the series turns out.  Though we’ll see when I even have time to work on one – lol!

R2D2 Paper to Canvas


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