Creative Kids: Jellyfish Garland

Title Pic

We did this jellyfish garland ages ago but I just haven’t written a post about it to date and yet it’s pretty darn cute so wanted to share.  We were inspired by the Aquarium’s display of paper mache jellyfish and decided to make our own.

Jellyfish in progress

Using water balloons, we used watered down glue to paper mache  and stuck on tissue paper.  We had to do several layers to make it thick enough so we did it over several days.   I made some holders from cut toilet paper rolls to hold them up while we worked and while they dried.

The following step was assisted as it involved the glue gun.  They picked ribbons and pipe cleaner to add as the tendrils.  For the pipe cleaners, I had them wind it around their hand so it wasn’t poker straight.  Then I put glue gun glue at the bottom of the “bowl” and helped them insert their chosen ribbons and pipe cleaners.  Together we held them and counted to 30 by which time they were usually secure.

Lastly I attached the jellyfish to a ribbon using the glue gun so they would hang nicely.  And they do:)

End Pic

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