Creative Kids: Birthday Cards IV

Stencil Title II

So I have a slight addiction to art supplies.  Currently I especially have a thing for stencils.  I LOVE them.  My kids mostly ignore my art supplies (they think their supplies are more fun…possible) but their interest was peaked by some bike stencils I picked up a short while back. I decided to go with it.

We took some cards they had previously painted and used black paint to make the images from the stencils (Q also insisted on trying out a flower and butterfly stencil).

Stencil process

We learned watercolour paints weren’t the best choice as they tended to bleed more under the stencil even if I tried to hold it down while they painted.  Poster paints were much easier to work with and resulted in a clearer stencilled image.

Stencil end pic

These were definitely a hit and chances are, one might find its way to a home near you:)


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One Response to Creative Kids: Birthday Cards IV

  1. ailene says:

    I like that bike stencil too!

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