2017 Creative Life Project



In 2016 I attempted to live an inspired life (well, inspired as defined by me:). I undertook and enjoyed a vast breadth and variety of artistic endeavours. Creative Life Project 2016  was perfect for getting me closer to the daily practice of creativity and for reminding me to play. The project also taught me that although I enjoyed all of the various topics I chose, my faves were ones that involved painting and ones where I worked on my picture book (PB) writing.


As fun and fabulous as it all was, it kind of fell apart once I started back to full time work in late November. So for 2017, since full time work will be my daily reality, I am tightening it up to make it more working-mother compatible and more compact.  It’ll be more of a Creative Life Project, the Light version:)

My word of intention for 2017, balance, reflects new reality. I am going to have to balance my creative endeavours with work, family, friends, and my relationship with my husband. In light of all these revelations, my monthly focus topics will be tighter (there will be more repetition) and my goals will be pared down.  This year I will narrow in on where I most want to spend my, now more limited, creative energy: mixed media and PBs.  Instead of breadth, I’ll be going for depth over the year (that’s where the repetition comes in). Regardless, the main intention of the Creative Life Project will remain:

live a creative life – even if only 15 minutes at a time:)


Paint and play pages in my Balance Book

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