Happy 4th Birthday, Little Q


Twirling, whirling, jumping, leaping, ever expressive (and fashionable) Q inspired these ladies who now hang on her wall.  

Darling little one,

Four years ago, we became a family of four with you.  Your light and energy were evident from day one.  Since before you were able to stand, your smile inspired others to smile.  You love openly, deeply, and with a ferocity that can sometimes bowl one over – at times literally, my little bam-bam.

And yet in the same breath your heart is fragile.  You can easily take offence and be hurt.  This passion of yours that holds such great heights, leads also to deep lows.  At least until you rebound and touch the sky once more.  There is no middle ground for my little Q.

With your tenacious nature, you are a force of will with a steady step that does not falter.  You know what you want with an absolute determination that, though it can exasperate me at times now, will serve you well in future.

Please be patient with mommy.  I love you to the ends of the earth and back and always will, however I can already see that on this journey there will be bumps between you and I.  We are two dragons with fire in our hearts and will in our every breath (aka passionate tempers).  However, though there may be clashes at times, know I will always be your biggest champion.  I believe in you one hundred percent and have absolute faith you are an amazing addition not only to my world but to the world at large.

You will do great things.  And I will be there cheering you on.

Love you baby.  xo

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4 Responses to Happy 4th Birthday, Little Q

  1. Susan Nash says:

    Happy Birthday little Q….. Suz xoxo

  2. Danielle says:

    Beautiful! Happy birthday miss Q!

  3. Amanda Versteeg says:

    Lovely! Big hugs to little Q! xoxo

  4. Catherine Hay says:

    That is the loveliest tribute to a 4 year old that I have ever seen. Happy birthday to Q.

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