Creative Kids: Taped Cards

Tape Cards pic

Our cards this month were inspired by a link a friend sent me, I think it was off Pinterest but I’ve searched for half an hour and can’t find the original link. Search: “tape art kids” on Pinterest and a whole bunch of options will come up. We did our tape art as cards, of course.

The one thing to be mindful of if making taped cards is not to push the tape down too hard. There may be slight seeping under the tape but if it is pushed down too much, the tape can be tricky to peel off. Catch 22.

Tape Cards

This was an easy art project for all of them to access at their own levels. C was more careful with the paint, Q a bit more free, and M just smeared paint all over in her fashion. All three styles and access levels resulted in great cards.

Tape Cards M

Of course, I hate wasting supplies and so have them use every drop of paint until it is gone. These are the “bonus” cards done with remaining paint.  C did blotches of paint and handprints and then folded for symmetrical designs (top R and bottom L). Q painted and then drove cars all over her card for texture (top L), and M finger painted (bottom R).

Left over paint cards

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