The Creative Life: April Review

April Review

An art journal page from when I last played with paint in March.

The start of 2017 has held a doozy few months to date. They’ve been work focused toward a specific goal which was worthwhile (and thankfully ended in results I was aiming for) and resulted in a learning curve that is still on-going. I haven’t played as much as I’ve wanted lately. In fact, most of the time, I’ve been too tired to play at all.

I’m working on figuring out the balance but it’s proving to be quite the struggle. I fantasize about playing loud music and letting loose. I want to lose myself to everything but the paint, to be honest. Realistically I think that’ll have to hold off until summer.

As for goals, I have kept up with the birthdays (yes, often late but sent out just the same). I have knitted some and written some.  My body’s been pretty much insisting on the minimum of 7 hours sleep – it’s been exhausting lately, truth be told. Workouts have gone flying out the window. I’ve been MAYBE working out once a week. Although I have been going for walks and bike rides with the kids whenever we’ve been graced with sunshine (or just no rain), they haven’t been strenuous.

My focus has been on work and the kids and, although those are very important aspects of my life, I have felt a little lost in the mix. Something to work on.

This balance thing is very tricky.


One total aside: Happy Birthday Gramma. I miss you. xo

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