Brain Tumour Awareness

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In 2011 I was diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumour.  Thankfully for me it was benign and the surgery to remove it was successful and relatively (as brain surgeries go) simple.  However, though the doctors reassured me brain tumours of this type were relatively common, I knew no one who had experienced one.  I felt alone and scared.

Fast forward a year and I had the brain storm to google meningioma (remember I’m not so tech savvy so it didn’t occur to me before this).  A woman’s blog popped up.  She wrote about her experience with a meningioma tumour.  Her experience was quite different than mine in many ways but in reading her blog I was flooded with the relief of not being alone.  I hadn’t previously realized how much that feeling of isolation had weighed on me until that point.

In the years since I have learned of several on-line support avenues that are available (love Facebook groups) and have read a book on another woman’s experience with a brain tumour that I found very telling.  The two FB groups I belong to are Meningioma Mamas and Meningioma Talk.  The book was called Two Steps Forward and was written by Claire Snyman.

I hope that in adding my voice to the internet narrative, I too might offer someone relief.  Support is there, it’s just knowing where to look for it that can be tricky.  Here are some of my personal blog links on the topic:

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