The Creative Life Project: May

Going to the Birds

Birds cards done by the kids. I gave them a bare bones picture to guide them after complaints of “I want to paint a bird but I don’t know how to make one”. They added the rainbow colouring all on their own. The top two are C’s and the bottom one Q’s.

Drawing Days in May

This month I’m going to keep it realistic and plan to work on catching up with some illustrations in the kids’ baby books. Each month (ideally), I write an entry into their books and add little decorations to make it fun. However, in the time crunch of life that has been the last year especially, I’ve fallen behind on the illustrations and yet they are my favourite part to think up and to do. So this month, I’m aiming to play – even if just in this little way.

Monthly goals:
Remember birthdays.
Write in the kids’ baby books. 1 page monthly update page for each child.

Daily/weekly goals:
Do one creative thing daily. Minimum of 15 minutes drawing, writing, experimenting.
Draw at least two illustrations in the baby books a week. This is a low goal but probably most realistic:)
Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.
Exercise three times a week.

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