About Me

May 2012 033I am the imperfect mother of three attempting to keep my sanity and a bit of myself along this wonderful road of mommyhood. A huge part of myself is being a mommy and wife and I love those roles wholeheartedly. That being said, I also loved my pre-mommy me and want to keep some of that artistic, multi-interested girl around as well. With the busy-ness of being a mommy though, it is sometimes hard to do.

Why I Started This Blog:
My first mat leave got a bit gobbled up by health issues so I wanted to make the most of my second one and thought a focus would help me. I decided 2013 (and my second mat leave) would be my year of writing. I started this blog to record and reflect on my experiences of being a mom and of trying to balance the mommy-me and other aspects of me.

What Will You Find on Keeping the Me in Mommy?
At least one post a week. My blog posts will include mothering (mis)adventures and entries on attempts at keeping my artistic side/pre-mommy-me alive and kicking. I will try to find the humour in the daily ups and downs (of the terrible twos and threes in particular) as I have found if I can laugh at it, I can deal with it.

Some Random Tidbits About Me:
-I reside in the beautiful city of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia,  Canada.

-I met my husband on a blind date.
-My hobbies range from painting to scrapbooking to knitting and more. I have far too many boxes of supplies for the amount of cupboard and storage space I have.
-I believe in synchronicity (check it out in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way)
-I dream of a hobby room like one Martha Stewart probably has. I’m just waiting for the lotto gods to give me the go ahead.                                                                                                      –When not on mat leave I am a resource teacher for elementary students.  I primarily work with children with special needs and learning disabilities.
-I have one of the most collectic appreciations of music of anyone I know. I enjoy top 40, classical, country, jazz, and even the occasional rap song.
-I write stories for children and poetry for adults.
-I am addicted to the notes app on my phone. Having a five year old, a three year old and a one year old, means when inspiration strikes I often only have time to note sentence fragments or story ideas in my phone until I have time to go back to the idea.
-I belong to two book clubs and am so thankful for audio books. That way I can “read” even when I’m so tired I can’t see straight AND I still have my hands free.
-I love hiking, swimming, and star gazing…when I haven’t fallen asleep too early.

Contact Me:

Blogs I Follow:

http://potagerway.com/ A blog (and website) on kitchen gardening on Gabriola Island (and on lavender).

http://www.artfulparent.com/ A blog on sharing and enjoying art with children.

http://donnadowney.typepad.com A blog by a very eclectic artist – she dabbles in every medium!  She runs Inspiration Wednesday which I highly recommend if you are interested in playing with new techniques.

http://argeum.blogspot.ca  A blog by a mixed media artist.  Her work is very textured and features a great range of materials.

http://www.juliettecrane.com/blog/ An artist blog.  Her paintings are mostly whimsical in nature.  A couple years ago I took her Serendipity course and it was a lot of fun though I think one of her owl workshops would be a better choice.

http://www.sweetrepeats.blogspot.ca Jodi Ohl writes an artist blog.  I love her colours and style.  Her art speaks to my way of seeing the world.

http://www.lalymille.com/blog-en-1/ Laly Mille also writes an artist blog.  Her paintings touch my heart and are soothing while also invigorating to the eye.

http://www.juliehedlund.com/julies-blog/ A blog written by a children’s author and the great lady who runs the fabulous 12×12 Picture Book Challenge.

http://taralazar.com Another blog written by a children’s author.  This lady runs the oh so much fun Picture Book Idea Month each November (PiBoIdMo).

http://www.megmillerwrites.blogspot.ca A picture book writer who runs ReviMo (it pushes you to revise your work and gives you great advice to do so).



One Response to About Me

  1. Darlene Masse Wurster says:

    Hi Ren…just visited you blog and already have someone I want to pass this on to… a young mommy who could share in your goal of nuturing an identity other than the cherished role of mother and wife. love and hugs Darlene (Grandma D)

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