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Creative Kids Moment: Colour Bugs-Red

C is very into colours right now. Since spring is on the way (really it is though, yes, I may be in denial about the snow), I thought we’d start a rainbow of bugs. We’re going to use paper plates for … Continue reading

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Creative Kids Moment: Some Door Lovin’

I wanted to have something warm and welcoming up on the door to welcome home daddy so the kids and I made this heart to hang on our door. To start I traced both kids’ hands to make paper mittens.  Then I cut … Continue reading

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Quick Quinoa Lunch

Due to time restraints, I haven’t been making the wisest food choices the past few months.  However, as the pants have been getting tighter I have been trying to eat healthier, especially fewer empty carb foods.  Quinoa is a current “hot” … Continue reading

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Picture Book Layout

Editing my own work has always been a struggle for me.  When I first started writing essays in university, I used to have to physically cut up my paper to organise like sentences into paragraphs and like paragraphs into groups.  I … Continue reading

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Creative Kids Moment: Valentine’s Day Cards

C and I have been busy making cards for family and friends. Here are some examples of what we’ve created. For this lot of cards, we cut puzzle pieces out of some of C’s painted pages.  Then we glued them … Continue reading

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Creative Kids Moment: “Horse” Sock Puppet

Here is the last Chinese New Year craft we attempted for this year.  Yes, I know it is belated.  We actually did it last week,  I just haven’t been able to get around to post it.  It’s a horse sock puppet.  … Continue reading

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